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Marble Surface

Inequalities in the private funding of public schools: parent financial contributions and school socioeconomic status

Rowe & Perry (2020)


Private actors and public goods: a comparative case study of funding and public governance in K-12 education in 3 global cities

Hedges, Winton, Rowe & Lubienski (2020)


Reading Islamophobia in education policy through a lens of critical race theory: a study of the ‘funding freeze’ for private Islamic schools in Australia

Rowe (2019)


Exploring alternatives to the ‘neoliberalism’ critique: new language for contemporary global reform

Rowe, Lubienski, Skourdoumbis, Gerrard & Hursh (2019)


Templates, typologies and typifications: neoliberalism as keyword

Rowe, Lubienski, Skourdoumbis, Gerrard & Hursh (2019)


Calling for ‘urgent national action to improve the quality of initial teacher education’: the reification of evidence and accountability in reform agendas

Rowe & Skourdoumbis (2019)


Politics, religion and morals: the symbolism of public schooling for the urban middle-class identity

Rowe (2017)


Theorising geo-identity and David Harvey’s space: school choices of the geographically bound middle-class

Rowe (2015)


The discourse of public education: an urban campaign for a local public high school in Melbourne, Victoria

Rowe (2014)


The Australian middle class and education: a small-scale study of the school choice experience as framed by ‘My School’ within inner city families

Rowe & Windle (2012)


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