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The Age, February 19th 2021.

Victorian independent schools grow four times faster than Catholic sector


The Age, August 23, 2020.

State, Catholic numbers tipped to boom as parents delay switch


The Age, December 4th 2020.

Pandemic ends trend of big fee rises at state's most expensive schools


The Daily Telegraph, July 10 2020.

Broke schools across NSW need urgent funding just to make ends meet


The Herald Sun, July 10 2020.

Victoria’s broke schools struggling to make ends meet


The Sydney Morning Herald, June 22nd 2020.

Catholics shore up primary schools as enrolments dive


The Sydney Morning Herald, February 7th 2020.

Catholic schools lose ground to government and independent sectors


Sydney Morning Herald, Dec 21st 2019.

More students go private and expert says tide is far from turning


The Age, December 6th 2019.

Islamic schools grow as parents seek a 'safe zone' for their children


The Age, November 23rd 2019.

How private schools have taken over the AFL


The Sydney Morning Herald, November 12th 2019.

Cap public school fees to level the playing field, study argues


The Age, September 4th 2019.

Shepparton super school for 3000 kids to be built on site that has 500


The Age, September 1st 2019.

'The benefits are immeasurable': Schools that are small and proud


ABC News, 13th August 2019.

Rich school, poor school: Australia’s great education divide


Herald Sun, August 7th 2019.

What happens if your child misses a place at an out-of-zone secondary school?


ABC News, 3rd July 2019.

Fears Shepparton 'super-school' proposal will be underfunded, damage students' education


The Conversation, May 27th 2019.

Some public schools get nearly 6 times as much funding, thanks to parents


The Age, April 29th 2019.

The real cost of attending a Melbourne state school


The Conversation, September 24th 2018.

Public schools losing out in political power plays


The Age, September 5th 2018.

Schools ordered to remove inaccurate Year 12 data


The Sydney Morning Herald, August 13th 2018.

Selective school application fees 'problematic' for public education


The Sydney Morning Herald, April 24th 2018.

Private school wait-list fees cost families hundreds at child's birth


Australian Association for Research in Education, EduResearch Blog. March 12th 2018.

Labor proposes a new $280m Evidence Institute for Schools, but where is the evidence we need it?


The Age, January 29th 2018.

The great trek to prep: The city kids travelling up to 30km for school


UNESCO World Education Blog (published December 5, 2017).

A penalizing system of accountability in Australia exacerbates equity gaps in education


The Age, November 27th 2017.

The School sending out rejection letters before it opens


The Conversation, August 24th 2017.

Religion in Australian schools: an historical and contemporary debate


The Sydney Morning Herald, July 9th 2017.

Parent contributions top $500,000 a year at leading public schools


The Sydney Morning Herald, July 3rd 2017.

Shopping for 'good' public schools in NSW reinforcing equity gap: research


The Conversation, October 3rd 2016.

Yes, some Australian private schools are overfunded – here’s why


The Conversation, September 14th 2016.

Yes, education funding has increased – but not everyone benefits


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